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Two Innovative Products and Their Marketing Success Stories

Marketing a unique and innovative product can be difficult. Sometimes mainstream customers simply don understand the concept. But when positioned properly with strong promotional campaigns, products that may be considered there by the masses suddenly explode in popularity. Here are two innovative products and the marketing strategies that helped make them a huge success. Electronic cigarettes are one of the most innovative new products on the market. There are companies that specialize in starter kits as well as convenient disposable ecigs for customers who prefer not to have to refill the nicotine cartridges. You probably seen numerous people in the mall and on the street smoking electronic cigarettes. They are also a popular choice with big name celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson, and Katherine Heigl. So how did this product become so popular? Electronic cigarettes captured the attention of smokers all around the world because they provided a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. Not only do the electronic versions produce odorless water vapor preventing some of the risks associated with inhaling second hand smoke, they also carry less health risks for smokers. Plus, smokers can puff on them almost anywhere. Marketers took a multichannel approach with their strategy for electronic cigarettes. They touted the benefits of them on television commercials, and online and print advertisements. Companies also bought up kiosks and stores in local malls so that potential customers could see and smell the product in action. After all, saying that your product produces no secondhand smoke and actually giving consumers the opportunity to experience it firsthand in a retail setting certainly have different levels of impact Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. Backed by strong marketing efforts, electronic cigarettes have grown into a multi-million dollar industry. And as more and more smokers are trying to quit, the e-cig industry is expected to keep growing in the coming years Buy Discount Cigarettes. SodaStream is an at-home soda maker that has skyrocketed to popularity in the past few years. The machine is small enough to sit on your kitchen counter, and you can easily purchase flavoring to make whichever soda you happen to feel like drinking that day Newport Cigarettes For Sale. The innovative concept makes it easy to create your own carbonated beverages right in your kitchen. So how has this product managed to become so popular? Sure, there are a number of soda drinkers out there Cigarettes Online Store, but you can also easily go to the supermarket and pick up a two-liter of your favorite carbonated beverage. The answer lies with the SodaStream marketers. Instead of solely relying on the your own soda at home angle, they took a different approach. The company used the environmentally friendly angle when introducing their product to potential customers. Our society continues to shift towards a greener mindset. When SodaStream entered the mainstream market, they used this knowledge to inform their marketing efforts. The product comes with one bottle that is designed to be reused by customers, which is much better for the environment than all the plastic waste and energy it takes to make traditional soda and water bottles. They also adopted a multi-channel marketing approach for their product Newports Cigarettes Price, which included advertisements on television and print, as well as a strong social media presence. The brands knowledge of their target audience and their multi-channel strategy paid off. The company made over $436 million in revenue in 2012. Sometimes it is simply not enough to develop an innovative product. It needs to be backed by a strong marketing campaign in order to achieve success. Electronic cigarettes and SodaStream are two great examples of innovative products that were successful due to clever marketing.
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