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The comments I most appreciate from readers

Don't worry if you have in no way grown anything before. Planting seeds or seedlings in good soil with lots of compost, preserving it supplied with h2o and protected from weeds and bugs requires tiny more than diligence. Nature knows how to make the plants grow. All you have got to do is be there to tend to it alongside the way. Decide on up a simple book or two on gardening "made easy" and between that and everything you learn simply by doing you might become an expert productive gardener in no time.

The comments I most appreciate from readers are those that compliment me for remaining forthright. "Thanks for always calling it when you see it," says James S., for example. "I get tired of people beating around the bush. Even if I really don't generally agree with you, I appreciate your honesty."It saddens me when folks who express outrage about civil liberties abuses once the "other party" is in charge ignore them when "their" guy is within the Oval Office. Democrats did this shamelessly, ignoring all the ways Obama continued George W. Bush's policies on domestic spying and other abuses.Learn more,click this site, welcome to leave a message.

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