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louis vuitton during that time just

louis vuitton during that time just
fashion industry, now natural free Graffiti culture has become a brand new aesthetic phenomenon which is being concerned day by day, and as one of the mainstream of fashion culture. Like the current released Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Tribute Collection in SpringSummer 2009. As for the brand new Louis Vuitton collection, Marc Jacobs the head designer o.Sac Louis Vuittonf LV group made a command, saying that "in the last days, I was told that I can not make any change from the classic monogram style, therefore, I tried my best to design just follow the rule. Until the season, I realized that I have to make something new. I hope I wou.Louis Vuittonld be younger, cooler and more stylish. I clearly know what I really want so that I take the advantage of Graffiti style of Stephen". As a fact, since it has released, there comes with so many topics about fashion. Without any question, the Graffiti idea is another gr.Louis Vuitton Pas Chereat success. At the same time, Terry Richardson screened series of photos of the collection that published on Harper Bazaar, Jan 2009, among which Marc Jacobs showed his stature with Graffiti all over the body. Very eye-catching! Since 2001, the House of Lou.Louis Vuitton Outletis Vuitton first cooperated with Stephen Sprouse and created the Graffiti collection. While, it is a great pity that Stephen Sprouse died in 2004. Till now, five years have past, Marc Jacobs released the collection again in order to momorialize the friend. In the collection, the col.Louis Vuittonors of the Graffiti print against the classic Monogram Canvas background are all neon (lime green, shocking pink and bright orange) and there is also Rose-tattoo collection inspired by Sprouse past work.. Louis Vuitton is now drawing graffiti, what about you What is Graffiti It is reco.Louis Vuittongnized that Graffiti origined from Philadelphia and Pennsylvania of America in 1966. At the first beginning, graffiti is simply a symbol. Graffiti writers during that time just tag their nickname, doorplate number and the like. From 1971 to 1974, more and more writers began to make effort on the tyle and effect of the words. Maybe you cannot describe very well toward the Graffiti, we have to admit that now Graffiti has developed into a form of art which has received a great deal of recent attention. Besides Louis Vuitton, there still are so many brands which have special favor toward Graffiti. In a word, there is a special relationship between art and fashion industry. More or less, they effect each other. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Graffiti style is such a classic style.

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