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standards AFC AFC, Super League in the whole of Asia is still ranked seventh, while in the East Asian region was surpassed by Australia, ranked No. fourth. This means that in the BIG3 and Chinese national team can not achieve good results in this year's League and AFC Champions League round of 12 words, in the club for AFC Champions League not only can not get more seats, even in the playoff team will be away. At the end of November last year, according to the AFC Executive Committee resolution, from the beginning of 2017, Authentic Chris Chester Womens Jersey the AFC will implement new technology ranking criteria, and AFC Champions League seats are allocated according to the new standard. Since 2009 AFC Champions League restructuring, the AFC has been ranked according to the technology to distribution of the association in AFC Champions League seats. Specifically: the national team for Authentic Chris Chester Youth Jersey technical score of 30%, FIFA Club ranking points over the past four years AFC Champions League scores converted into points, accounting for 70%. The new technology standard for evaluation, the national team in FIFA the latest ranking points accounted for only 10%; and the club over the past four years AFC Champions League scores converted into points will be accounted for 90%. To the end of this year, the AFC will determine the distribution Brandon Marshall Jersey of seats 2019, 2020 AFC Champions League this cycle. As of 2018, will be in accordance with the end of November last year the AFC Executive Committee's decision in execution, will still have "2+2" seats.

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