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The present undesirable trend in vogue most definitely shall transform in a glorious manner A professor of harvard university daniel wales has deeply cogitated a lot over the topic of society apart from industry.In his writings and books he has drawn the attention of ordinary people saying we must not turn a blind eye towards changing times.The reactions of whatever happened in the past are being witnessed today and today's actions shall definitely influence our future times.Hence we must very much akin to present times analyze our past and future.According to daniel wales in future such gigantic changes shall occur which if compared to progress seen in the past 1000 years shall be termed n fold more mind boggling. The zest and trend of material science has no doubt marched ahead at a slower pace in the past 1000 years yet in it no more than 300 years have passed wherein its advancement commenced in a more well planned and collective mode.Science via the medium of electricity, steam, oil etc found methods to generate power and energy.Gigantic power generation technology was designed.For it from the standpoint of transport, travel, water, sales etc cities proved to be more facilitating.Cities augmented in size and villages started emptying.Wealth amassed more wealth.The wealthy got more opportunities to eke out more wealth.Say without oppressing the poor class how could they amass more wealth?In a nutshell we can only say that the industrial revolution noted changed the very map of the world in a certain sense.If a person born 500 years back is alive in our midst today and that he compares the world's state then and today after 500 years he shall no doubt get astounded.Regarding situations and trends in vogue a disparity akin to sky and heaven can be noted.It shall appear as though magicians have created a miracle of sorts.Unimaginable material comforts and facilities have been amassed.Via mediums like ships, air planes, railways, cars, cell phones, internet, computer, radio, tv etc even ordinary folks are seen to benefit.Capitalists have set up gigantic factories and industries.All governments the world over have collected many missiles and nuclear weapons. It is the opinion of expert analyzers that this material science well known as industrial revolution is in a state of peak advancement.Its sunrise has already taken place.Now the sun is setting.The day of death is fast approaching.The means via which this miracle had enlarged their means are depleting.Oil, coal, petrol etc are fast depleting.Means used to generate electricity too are fast diminishing.The vault of metals like iron has been emptied.For a population that has increased n fold soil fertility and cultivable land are not simply enough to fulfill their fast increasing needs.Drinking water is very less in amount.Increasing pollution of all types has created situations of remaining ill and finally dying prematurely.In the guise Tiffany Browse Key Rings of comforts the guffaw and naked dance of fearful situations are resounding aloud everywhere. In order to eke out more material grandeur powerful nations imbibed the policy of colonialism.In order to usurp riches and market share of other countries they set up fights with each other.In the past century 2 world wars have already taken place.Scattered civil wars and minor battles are going on in quite a few regions the world over.Behind these other causes Tiffany Necklaces Sale are secondary because the main aim is to usurp natural resources and other wealth of the country targeted.Preparations are on for waging a 3rd world war.If an insane lunatic decides to use modern day horrific war technology like the nuclear bomb, planet earth shall be rendered but a river of ash. The industrial revolution witnessed in the individual and world society realm has not sowed any Cheap Tiffany Pendants lesser number venomous seeds.Trends like bad addictions of narcotics/alcohol, end of self controlled discipline based sexual activities, eating that which should not be even touched with a barge pole, criminal activities rising manifold etc has created very explosive dire situations.Tussles and agitations the world over noted between capitalists and laborers has created a lot of strife and bloody fights.It seems that unruliness due to mismanagement has been given a free hand to act as demonically as it pleases.Governments and social service institutions including ngo's are losing the precious trust of the common man.Fingers are being pointed towards their unethical illegal transactions.Under circumstances of terror, distrust, doubt, insecurity and indefiniteness each one appears agitated and stressed.The cyclonic floods of bodily and mental diseases is about to engulf man's special qualities and potential. How did all this happen?Why is it happening?On trying to find its cause only one conclusion can be drawn wherein that industrial revolution in its early stages was said to be a boon is today looked upon as a curse.World dire situations are forcing public psyche to rethink anew.Via analysis it becomes clearer that this situation cannot last longer.It shall definitely end.Man's foolishness may reach nadirs yet in the final analysis man's true understanding shall prevail.The order to set fire to the rooftop cannot remain very long.This is because the one issuing this command himself runs later to douse this inferno.Before total annihilation takes place true understanding starts dawning.Even today this history is being repeated again. Revolutions do also fact anti revolutions.The pendulum not only moves to the left but that it then immediately swings to the right too.Not for always does inebriation remain because at one point one regains one's true senses.On seeing the destructive trends created by the industrial revolution after initially inebriating Tiffany Jewellery Sets all with its 'intoxicating joy' not only did world great thinkers lose faith in it but that they felt they must campaign against it.Situations of changing the world and changing oneself too are fast emerging.In this very direction mother nature also is contributing and by identifying the leanings of human activities it is creating optimal situations of world transformation. The problem faced by excess production is where to sell it?The problem faced by consumers is where to find financial means in order to buy these?In front of both speed breakers typical to each are manifesting.There are many who cannot fight nor can they escape this fight.When oil, diesel, coal etc get depleted how shall factories function?Production akin to size of mountains cannot be bought by poor people.Not only poverty but that envy based competitiveness too is combating opposing material prosperity.This sort of a fight can end only in 2 ways:Either the fighters while fighting shall die or with valor and true wisdom stop fighting vainly thus.Under both circumstances the 'miracles' of the industrial revolution shall definitely end. Along with scientific inventions the prosperous industrial revolution where on the one hand increased joyous material comforts/facilities there on the other hand along with rendering the powerful wealthier saw to it that innumerable people the world over fell into the hellish crater of joblessness, hunger pangs and licentiousness.Its reaction emerged in front of us all as socialism.This was the anti revolution against the industrial revolution.Oppressors too due to in fighting amongst themselves died.This reaction too explodes in the form of industrial competition and cold-Hot wars time and again. There are many causes facing us like wars, rebellions, crimes, disparity and nature's flow from which we glimpse that the ivy plant of culture and progressiveness pertaining to industrialization was growing prolifically amidst drum beating is now akin to foam in boiling water in a pan settling down at the base when heat given to it gets doused. The signs of fever and arrogant zest coming down are clearly to be seen.The question is one:What shall happen in future?How will a society separated from industrialization get established?Regarding this daniel wales-A highly intellectual social scientist opines that all experiences gathered by people in the 19th and 20th century are very important.With its help the results of action-Reaction appearing in front of us cannot be forgotten.Mistakes can continue only as long as their dire results do not emerge.The arrogance of playing with fire after lighting it too generally disappears to naught.If disciplinary limits are crossed the social order cannot run smoothly.Without a well managed and aptly controlled social system man arrogantly pursuing unruliness shall lose his very life.This fact has been realized much better by humans in these 2 centuries when compared to times previous to it. Before total destruction occurs man controls the situation aptly.In the annals of world history there are innumerable such proof.This time too this is exactly what shall take place.Innumerable problems proliferating like unwanted weeds in the form of nuclear warfare, pollution, population explosion, hoarding excess untold wealth, crimes increasing n fold, indolence and vagabond like sense titillation are but 'gifts' of the industrial revolution.Thus it shall no longer function as it has been doing so till date.Bitter experiences cannot be repeated. In future days to come the process of a great transformation shall intensify in a mind blowing manner.It can also be labeled divine assessment, cultural re awakening, thought revolution etc yet in actuality it shall be a social revolution.Society is nothing but an apt arrangement to bind world public with the golden cord of unity and brotherhood.If this arrangement changes for the better definitely in an equal manner trends and inner nature shall transform simultaneously. Individuals shall imbibe the tenet of 'simple living and high thinking'.They shall become straightforward in thought, word and deed and thus rest contented.Honest hard work shall be given a place of pride in society.The cooperative way of living in camaraderie and generosity of eating/sharing things with others shall be the specialty of a transformed inner nature and personality.Aspirations shall no longer agitate us.At that time the ego of unruly exhibitionism and vain flaunting shall be called a sign of backwardness and not 'greatness' as is termed today.Even those immersing themselves in glittering fleeting sense titillation and people hoarding excess wealth by hook or by crook shall be made to stand in the queue of criminals and instead of praising they shall be censured duly.The very possibility of fraudulent means/thinking being imbibed shall not be allowed to survive at all in a society that is awakened and well transformed.The zest for unveiling hypocritical acts and behavior shall brim forth very much akin to zest for attending humor based programs. The designing of a society separated from heavy industrialization shall predominate with rural type of lifestyle.Akin to capital/wealth, the urban population shall get scattered towards far off places.Towns shall be much more in vogue than metro cities or villages.Big factories and industries shall get replaced with cottage industries and small scale industries.Each village shall try to become self dependent and every hand shall get a suitable job, profession etc.The dire results of family members augmenting in large numbers shall be understood quite easily and smaller families by imbibing the principle of friendly cooperation shall become well versed in living like large families.The methodology of independence and unity shall not only be economically cheap but that it shall become easy, straightforward and blissful. In future today's in vogue vile activity of earning wealth excessively by hook or by crook, blowing up wealth excessively and thus flaunting one's pomp shall be denounced totally and looked down upon.Since one's daily needs shall diminish to the bare minimum in future, in a very short time frame means to earn money shall be attained.Thus the remaining free time instead of being misused in indolence, sleeping etc shall be aptly utilized for great world welfare tasks.Such innumerable tasks shall bloom forth in future known to augment public management optimally and human glory that people immersed in them shall experience bliss, advancement and great material/spiritual prosperity as each moment passes by.

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