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I am also getting the same issue, first with Alpha, and now with Closed Beta testing. I am playing a forcemaster and it's so annoying because the flames would go past the enemy, only to register like five, six seconds later. Then they come at me to attack and while I can move, they freeze with Blade And Soul Gold. When I use my freeze skill, my focus doesn't decrease, it's only, again, five to six seconds later after I'm clicking my mouse that my focus does down by four. It's very annoying! And no, it's not my internet, there's definitely optimization issues going on here. Other games do not have this issue, and my internet speed is 150 mb/s, and yes, I am in US, playing on the US servers.

I'm having the same issue. I have a top of the line rig that can play any game on ultra and so i know its not my PC also my internet is more than fast enough for any game. this needs to be addressed ASAP. i didn't buy a founders pack to not be able to play the game. is it a NVIDIA driver thing? if so you all need to give us a heads up. and yes my drivers are up to date.

The lag isnt in your control. Its Server sided. I have the same issue. Fighting or what not and you try to use a skill but nothing happens only for it to occur a few seconds later. But if youre not rubber banding back to your original spot when it actually does respond. Meaning youre sending but not recieving fast enough.

intresting is that symptoms look like network lagg to me rather then fps lagg.
Question it seems all u play in TW. Have u installed some pingzapper from tw/ch that is running in backround. BNS NA and tw/kr use same out ports so if u have some ping reduce programms that is ment for asia server running backround it will route your traffic to asia then back to Buy Blade And Soul Gold.

I live in NY, I thought my internet was bad but when i ran speed test it shows i have 80Mbps download and 30 upload.
yesterday i can play like 4 hours straight with no lag but once i relog it lagged out again, and now it still laggin.
for alpha 1 the entire event was laghging and for alpha 2 only 6 hour of no lag time, the rest is at least 2 second lagged.

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