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app development needs are on the rise in singapore

The direction of improvement for the product manager's job is to have a backup plan ready at any time, Plan-B. It will not affect the final release date of the project because of changes in the technical solutions. Will not let the user side too much impact. Even as a product manager, in the face of such sudden changes in demand, but also calm calm, calmly. In contrast, when the App development company and product manager that this demand can not be achieved, need to be adjusted, the product manager should not blindly refuse. Should help software development to find, solve the problem of the corresponding network resources, or to find other solutions. Instead of thinking that this is a software development thing, has nothing to do with their own. Product managers can even prove in the face of app development that this requirement is technically feasible.

Everything must be reasonable. After all, this line, pay attention to the real technology. I think product managers should often think emphatically and think of themselves as mobile app developers. To think why to do such a product, what is the value to the user. When you can convince yourself, there are far fewer conflicts and problems in the team, and it's not too difficult for the product to be released on schedule. After all, the team's most important is to make valuable products to users, rather than argue who is right who is wrong
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In the traditional computer industry, mobile app software development cycle time is abundant, from the demand out analysis and review, develop their own use case design, program, software coding, self test, the entire process gave ample time. The current status of the Internet industry, app development cycle are more intense, demand Ye Hao development Ye Hao, in fact, have not been well thought out. It is quite possible that at the needs review meeting, software development sounds simple. Wait until the real time to do because basically began to knock code, and then write on the problems encountered. Excessive pursuit of perfect mentality is not desirable. In my opinion, this conflict can pull software development, interactive design and visual design at the time of the demand review meeting, and all the roles are involved. For example, a perfect mobile app development team can assess any potential risk point of the project according to the demand of the product, and achieve it perfectly in the scheduled time. As a result, the software development team also has the perfect product manager. The perfect product manager has several features, detailed requirements, easy to assess potential risk points, not just a few words plus a few flow charts. Before making demands, after full consideration, fully demonstrate the market demand.

After completing the needs assessment, no further changes will be made. Demand is forward-looking, user research in advance to do pre-research, in advance to do competing mobile app data analysis. Be a market leader instead of copying behind competitors. We can fully understand and research the needs of Party A in Guangxi and provide Party A with more-than-expected services. Rather than let A party found out that the need to submit new needs.

Mobile App Must have a version for Android users. Frontline covers news, e-commerce, LBS, multimedia, custom services and other client-side development and other fields, can fully meet your development needs.

Sometimes feeling, app development and product manager these two positions are inherently incompatible. The pursuit and pursuit of both parties can not be achieved at all. The contradiction between software development and product manager has inevitability and universality, and it is difficult to define who is the problem. On the one hand, the product manager does not understand the technical implementation details and is not good at assessing the difficulty of the project. On the one hand, software development frequently challenges product managers' ideas. After all, thinking of this thing before it is done and have an impact, there is no quantitative measure, the threshold of questioning is very low. The question is coming, who does this thing? Certainly software development to do, with their own time to help others try the wrong, no one likes such a thing. On the other hand, the top pursuit of the product manager is to meet the needs of users. However, the top requirement of app development is to make a set of common and highly scalable App products.

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