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When I heard there were going to be war camps in this new beta test I was actually pretty excited. Not only can you attack other parts of world to fight GvGs against new opponents but it also gives new guilds a chance to actually gain territory and not have to buy them from existing guilds. If I had know how cancerous and abuseable war camps are I would have never have wanted war camps in the game period...

Core Problems:

They don't fufill their purpose as intended. Yes they allow small 30 man guilds to have a fair 5v5 fight with a guild to take territory. However almost all attacks currently are from guilds that have territory. They are meant for small guilds but mostly used by large guilds.

The price of use is laughable. 200,000 is so inexpensive that a single player can make that sum in 2 hours of farming mobs or resource gathering. When you divide that up by the 5 participants you can raise enough funds for a GvG in slightly over 20 minutes.

Not only can you attack territories but you can force guilds to defend territories to use up their 24 hour GvG timer. An alliance will attack 4 different territories from a siege camp with the intention of only attacking 1 while spreading out the opposing guilds best GvG players.

The mechanic is super abuseable not only to attack but to defend. Guilds are now creating alt accounts to start 1 man guilds to attack their territories every time the cool down is off. This is an EXPLOIT that basically allows you to never have to defend and it only costs you less than a million a day for most guilds to do in a day (saves 10 times that in potential gear and territory loss). A good example is KDS has admitted to having alt guilds like Red Roulette and Blue Roulette in a different post where they do this. I'm not trying to flame them as almost EVERY guild does this now. Completely defeats the purpose of war camps and turns it into a guild Albion Online Silver sink

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